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McInnes Rolled Rings, located in Erie Pennsylvania, started operations in 1992.

A Wagner 63/63 Radial Axial Ring Rolling Mill along with a 1,200 ton Erie Press was installed in a 32,000 square feet building.

In 1995 our heat treating capabilities were expanded to include a Quench & Tempering facility to serve the needs of the power transmission and stainless steel markets.

A small ring mill, Wagner KFR 630, was added in 2008. This addition included an office update and new manufacturing bay totaling over 13,000 square feet.

In 2012 an additional 54,000 square feet was added to house our new Wagner 160/160 Radial Axial Rolling Mill along with a 3,500 ton Erie Press.

We continued in 2015 with another 25,000 square feet constructed to further our heat treat capabilities.

Throughout the years, McInnes has continued to expand in order to meet the needs of our customers, which encompass a vast array of industries. The Erie facility remains the standard for productivity, cost control and speed. We are committed to growing in ways that will ensure quality and high customer satisfaction.

Today, McInnes Rolled Rings is focused exclusively on producing quality seamless rolled rings. The Erie facility remains the industry standard for productivity, cost control and speed. The latest in ring rolling ensures quality and high customer satisfaction throughout the rolled ring process.

Quick Facts

  • 80 plus associates
  • Quenching, Tempering and Spheroidizing Facilities
  • Always interested in satisfying customers and developing new customers